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“Billion Dollar Prospecting ~ Discover the Secrets That Helped Produce Billions in the Home Business Arena!”

Billion Dollar MLM Prospecting Home Business Video Training Series by Doug Firebaugh


In these 12 videos, you will find a GOLD MINE of prospecting training you will find NO WHERE ELSE as no one else will teach you what is on the other side of this page.

What Are Some of the Training Topics?

What is MLM Prospecting?
What Type of Prospects Should You Be Looking For in Your MLM Home Business?
What Is Your Network Marketing MLM Prospect Looking For?
The Four MLM Prospecting Magnets
How To Transform Your MLM Prospecting Confidence in Ten Seconds or Less
The MLM Prospecting Law of Direct Proportion
  • What Is Billion Dollar Prospecting?
  • Wasting Time on the Uninterested is costing you a fortune.
  • The Power of Interviewing vs. Presenting.
  • Who SHOULD You be Looking for?
  • The 5 Traits of a TRUE Prospect versus Possible prospects
  • The Power of Prospecting Connection and how to obtain it
  • What is the TRUE Prospect Looking for?
  • What is the ONE THING ALL Prospects are looking for?
  • The 4 Prospecting MAGNETS
  • How to Transform your Prospecting Confidence in less than 10 seconds or Less
  • The Law of Direct Proportion
  • Why NO is a word that will Never Bother You Again
  • The Secrets to Online / Social Media Prospecting and 7 More Secrets for Massive Results
  • The Secret of TSI in Offline Prospecting
  • Top 7 Classified Ad Headlines that PULL People IN
  • One word that can EXPLODE your Classified Ad results
  • Post Card Prospecting basics that WORK!
  • The 2 Prospects a Day Success Formula- GUARANTEED
  • The Most Powerful Prospecting Secret that is RARELY DONE!
  • And so much more!

The Results Are In!

“I have been very impressed with this course. Most of the educational materials I have found and purchased online have been disappointing but I can truly say this course has proven to be worth the money. Thanks.”
Charlie P., TN
“Doug, as always awesome training for the price.”
David K.
“Hi Doug, Man this is my first time watching the videos and already I can see that I am in for a treat to learn to take my business to a billion dollar level. Halle-lu-ya!”
“The prospecting training I went through in Doug’s “Prospecting University” is AMAZING. I get more leads in a week now in social media than I have ever had in the year prior to this course! Doug’s coaching changed my confidence. This stuff is GOLD!”
Terri Anders, NYC
“If there was ONE word that could describe Doug’s prospecting training it would be RESULTS. That is what has happened! The methods I learned and applied from Doug Firebaugh’s coaching series put me in a flowing stream of prospects… my leads never ran dry again. I have so many potent leads right now that I can’t keep up  – I have to give them away to my leaders! That is a great thing!”
Maurice Joyner, Tampa
“If you are looking for leads and how to attract them, you have come to the right place!  I attended Doug’s Prospecting University, and all I can say is it is the best $297.00 I have ever spent. I have recruited over 20 people this month- and I didn’t do that all of last year. His prospecting stuff will shift your business into OVERDRIVE.”
Mark Thompson, LA
“Wow. That’s all I can say about Doug’s prospecting training. Wow. I have attended other trainer’s events, and if I combined what I learned from ALL of them, it would not touch what I learned at Prospecting University. This course has shifted my business and growth! Wow.”
Nita Perez, Phoenix

Plus Get These POWER Bonuses!

  • SPECIAL BONUS #1: Action Takers will receive access to a Powerful 4 Part Audio Interview series mp3 with Dr. John P. Hayes – Co-author with Zig Ziglar -“Network Marketing for Dummies.” Dr. Hayes covers the 4 Personality Profiles when Prospecting and how to talk with each of them and DRAW THEM TOWARDS you to recruit!  ~ A $197.00 Value!

  • SPECIAL BONUS #2: Action Takers will receive access to a Special, Powerful Audio Training mp3 from Doug Firebaugh- “The Little Known MLM Prospecting Basics” ~ Most Home Business Professionals do NOT KNOW these basics and it is costing them a FORTUNE! Is it COSTING YOU? ~ A $97 Value!
  • SPECIAL BONUS #3: Action Takers will receive access to the Powerful Audio Training mp3 “The 5 Kinds of Recruiters” -Which one are YOU and is it Hurting or Helping your Business? ~ A $97.00 Value!
  • SPECIAL BONUS #4: Action Takers will receive Members Only access to the “Billion Dollar Prospecting 21 Day Course” via email from Doug Firebaugh ~ This Course is THE most powerful online email course ever done on Prospecting! it is a MONSTER of a training! You will NOT believe the Prospecting Secrets that you will learn including Social Media PLUS Mobile Prospecting! ~ A $97 Value!

Together, these bonuses value $500.00!   You cannot afford NOT to enroll as this will dramatically increase the number of leads you find and recruit a week!

This video series is available for a limited time at this price!

Immediate Access – Login details will be emailed to you upon ordering.


Don’t DELAY! Others have already put these strategies to use and their businesses are exploding!


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